3 Jewelry No-Nos: What We Don’t Want You to Do

3 Jewelry No-Nos: What We Don’t Want You to Do

As a jewelry company, we’ve heard and seen many horror stories when it comes to people’s jewelry. So we’ve compiled the top 3 things you should NOT do to your jewelry if you want it to last and continue looking gorgeous.

  1. Don’t wear your jewelry in chlorine or saltwater. The chlorine used in pools and jacuzzis can discolor your silver jewelry and even weaken gold jewelry over time. It also discolors gemstones. Even worse, saltwater actually erodes the soldered parts in metal jewelry, meaning, over time, your jewelry will actually fall apart. Plus, it’s so easy to lose jewelry in a pool or the ocean. Get hit by one big wave and say goodbye to your favorite gemstone necklace!

Instead, remove your jewelry before swimming to ensure it remains sparkly, intact, and safely in your care.

  1. Don’t store your jewelry in one big container. When you store your necklaces and bracelets in a single container, you’re on your way to creating one huge jewelry ball. The chains can easily become entangled making it nearly impossible to get them apart again without damaging something

We recommend storing your jewelry in a storage system created specifically for jewelry. There are several different options, but the two most important features are (1) they keep chains from becoming tangled, and (2) they let you easily see your jewelry so you can quickly choose what you want to wear each day.

Also: Always clasp your necklaces and bracelets after removing them as this also helps reduce tangling.

  1. Don’t buy jewelry from cheap retail chain stores. Though the price is enticing, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is true. And in this case, it’s usually green skin, sore ears, and jewelry that only lasts a couple months (if you’re lucky). Instead, invest your hard-earned money in jewelry that’s going to last.

That doesn’t mean you have to buy real gold or even real silver, which can be very spendy. Just look for top-quality jewelry. For example, Jemma Jewelry is made from high-quality metal alloys that don’t tarnish or leave unnatural colors on your skin. In addition, our jewelry has an industry-leading 1-year manufacturer’s warranty!

To see our entire line of high-quality, affordable jewelry, visit JemmaJewelry.com

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