Jemma Origin Story

Jemma originated as a Style Dots product line in the catalog.  

We had a group of interns, and one of their projects was to design a piece of jewelry that they would wear.  And they designed smaller, daintier pieces that were totally different from the Style Dots line.

It took three years of manufacturing and testing to bring Jemma to life.  The Style Dots founders knew there was a demographic of people that deserved to have smaller, daintier pieces that featured the interchangeability of Style Dots.

The woman who will love Jemma is the young woman who needs comfortable, quality jewelry that can go from carpool, to the office to the soccer game.  She is managing the many roles she plays in life, and needs her jewelry to be as versatile as she is.

Jemma combines the best qualities of Emma, feminine and classic, and Jenna, contemporary and fun.
    • Simple & dainty ring stack
    • Flat ball chain jewelry for layered necklaces